15th July 2017 - Stratford Court

Installation of magnetic insect screen - Stratford Court

Colours: Green PVC Frame with Grey Mesh

16th June 2017 - Cat Screen

Cat proof by installing insect screen over grilles.

Colours: Coffee PVC Frame with Black Mesh

7th March 2017 - HDB Executive Apartment

Installation of magnetic insect screen - HDB Executive Apartment.

Colours: White PVC with Grey Mesh


Date: 3rd May 2016

Item(s): 1 set D8 (1.5m x 1.0m) | 1 set D9 (1.5m x 1.5m)

Colour: Grey PVC Strip / Grey Mesh

Photos courtesy of Andy

" It's is good product & easy to install. The important thing is to cut the plastic frame (PVC strip) accurately. ".... Andy


We supply standard 18 x 16 (thread per square inch) Fiberglass Mesh in 3 colours, Black Grey & White. Depending on day or night time, the mesh will have different effects as shown in the pictures below.

Fiberglass mesh available in 3 colours. Black, Grey & White

Day time

Night time

Black mesh is recommended as it is more invisible day & night.

Grey mesh is good during the day but has a blur-ish effect at night.

White mesh will have a day curtain effect.

18 x 16 thread per square inch. Hole size is about 1.25mm x 1.5mm

Windows with Protruding Handle

Due to the protruding locking handle of Casement / Top-hung window, we recommend installing additional PVC tube (A4) to keep insect screen away from the handle.

Top-hung window - locking handle protrudes from window frame

Insect Screen with PVC tube (A4)
Keeps insect screen away from protruding handle. 

Insect Screen with PVC tube (A4) pasted on window frame 
PVC tube is secured to window frame with adhesive tape